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With every new challenge, I find that it is a new opportunity for the Lord to fulfill His promises in the lives of His people.

The changes that we saw on the horizon of the lives of the people of God at the beginning of the year have indeed happened.

With all that is on the horizon, believers should be encouraged to hold onto Isaiah 3:10 which says, “But all is well for the godly man. Tell him, ‘ What a reward you are going to get. ‘ “
– Pastor Mitch

We now offer our weekly services virtually or in-person.

REMINDER – No 9:30 AM Service this Sunday.
Join us at 10:45 AM (Virtual services offered through Zoom & Facebook Live) –
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Tuesday 6:30 AM – 5 Min Word of Encouragement (Conference Call)
Tuesday 7 PM – Choir Practice (Conference Call only)

Wednesday – Bible Study, 6:30 PM (Zoom Only) – Click here: Zoom Link

Friday 12 PM – 5 Min Word of Encouragement (Conference Call)

Saturday 9 AM – Prayer (Conference Call)

NOTE: Conference Call Number: 1-917-900-1022, 52538083#

*Upon entering a zoom service, please ensure your sign in with your first and last name by renaming your device or updating this information under the participant screen to ensure you are included on our attendee list.

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