Group Ministries

Men's Ministry

The Men's ministry is focused on getting men involved within the church. Men are the foundation of our families and without that strong foundation, families are likely to drift further from what God has ordered. The men's ministry is about men coming together, bonding, and showing support. As men and the priests of our homes, we must understand how God wants to work in our lives, and in turn this will make us husbands, fathers, and servants. On a monthly basis we take part in many fun and educational experiences such as movies, dining, retreats, seminars...etc. For more information about the men's ministry, send an email to

Women's Ministry

There isn't a member of the women's ministry who hasn't had a blast praising God and enjoying the fellowship with of the virtuous women of Bibleway. We understand, that as women we face certain challenges in our family, work, and spiritual lives that are unique. The women's ministry allows us to get together and share our experiences in order to make us better women of God. Our monthly events and programs are second to none, so come on and check us out! For more information on the women's ministry, send an email to

Youth Ministry

Starting our children with a strong foundation in the Word of God is essential for them to have a happy and healthy lifestyle. The youth ministries provide our children with fun, exciting, and educational experiences to inspire them to learn more about what God wants for and from their lives. Children are constantly under attack in society these days and it is important for the youth to have experiences with other youths that are wholesome...anyway our children just cannot get enough of all the events we plan for them! For more information on the the youth ministry, send an email to